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About us

Temptation Tours comes with a wealth of tour operating experience, so you can book with us with double the confidence: that we know and understand the lifestyle and that we are true travel professionals with decades of travel experience.

What to expect when you arrive

You’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome by everyone in the resorts  – staff and guests alike.  It’s the real combination of guests that makes the mix  work so well. Expect to meet people from all walks of life – teachers, accountants, doctors, prison officers or foster carers – everyone needs to relax in their own way. Fat, thin, tall, short, well-endowed or perhaps not so – it really doesn’t matter.

Just remember – Holiday not Judgement Day!

Hedonism ll and The Desire Riviera Maya & Pearl are  clothing-optional resort for adults, so if it’s your first time at an adult lifestyle resort and you’re a bit shy, take our advice – go nude sooner rather than later!  People freely meet and mingle, and the nude bars and pools are certainly the places where you’ll find the most action day and night.  Take your time, find your own way at your own pace.  People are friendly (as you would expect!) and they will talk to you – especially when they realise you’re Brits!   If you’re part of a Tom’s Trips group this will help to break the ice and remember, people don’t bite – unless you ask them too! Temptation Cancun Resort has a different feel and the emphasis is on party fun.  It is topless-optional and nudity is NOT allowed.

Predominantly, the guests who stay at Hedonism ll travel as a couple. However, single guests are always welcome in the pursuit of pleasure!  Both the Desire Riviera Maya & Pearl are couples only and single travellers are not permitted. Temptation Cancun Resort attracts a wide range of lively guests primarily looking to explore new experiences. Single supplements will apply to both Hedonism ll and Temptation Cancun Resort.

Will I see naked people? – At Hedonism ll and the Desire Riviera Maya & Pearl, realistically yes. At Hedonism ll full nudity is required on the nude side (there are clear signs on the beach advising you where clothing optional ends) and the hotel’s staff keep a watch over guests to safeguard everyone. Please be considerate to others and don’t even think about using your phone or camera where people are nude.  It’s as much for your own protection as others!

LGBT community –  Local attitudes towards the LGBT community are mostly conservative throughout the Caribbean. In Jamaica, certain same-sex sexual activity is illegal. In practice these laws are rarely enforced. However, the attitude of many Jamaicans to the LGBT community can be hostile.  Mexico is liberalising its view on same-sex partnerships and homosexuality is tolerated rather than accepted. LGBT travellers should be mindful of local attitudes and be aware that public displays of affection may attract unwanted and negative attention. In both countries, public displays of affection (such as hand-holding or kissing) between opposite or same-sex couples are uncommon.

Weddings/renewal of vows – If you’re thinking of honeymooning, getting married, looking to renew your vows just let us know and we can assist with arrangements.

Tipping  –  There is a no tipping policy at all hotels as tips are included in your room rate, but outside of the resorts, tipping etiquette is similar to the USA.  Restaurants may include a service charge, but this is not a tip for the server, and is usually retained by the restaurant, so add a tip for your server as well.  A gratuity of US$1 – US$5 per person/bag is usual for airport baggage porters, drivers and tour guides, maybe more if you feel extremely good service was provided.


Whilst there is an air of ‘anything goes’ at all hotels there are accepted standards of behaviour.  When you book a holiday with us we do expect you and every member of your party to behave responsibly. And for the protection of yourself and others, no means no.  To keep all guests at the resort safe, if we or any other person in authority, or supplier of any other service, is of the reasonable opinion that you, or any member of your party, is behaving in a way so as to cause danger or upset to any other person or to damage property, Temptation Tours will be entitled to terminate the holiday of the person (s) concerned with immediate effect.  Should this occur the person(s) concerned will be asked to leave the resort immediately and Temptation Tours will have no further responsibility for providing alternative accommodation and may, in exceptional circumstances, cancel any onward flight arrangements. No refunds will be made for any unused accommodation nor will we pay for any extra expenses incurred because of the termination of arrangements. If there is property damage caused by you or any member of your party, then any payment must be paid directly at the time to the supplier. If Temptation Tours incurs any expenses as a result of your behaviour, you will be held responsible for meeting any claims against us, plus full legal costs that we or the other party may incur.

Travelling to and within Jamaica and Mexico

Your safety is our priority at all times and if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises that travellers should not visit your chosen destination, then we’ll act on this to keep you safe and reserve the right to cancel your holiday. Remember, that although on holiday you have the same responsibility for your personal safety and possessions as you do at home, so take look at the FCO’s travel advice before you travel.

UK Airport hotels and parking –  There are a plethora of companies offering UK hotels and airport parking.  However, if you would like us to book this for you, we would be more than happy to do this for you, just advise our reservations department when you book.  If you do book airport parking yourself, we highly recommend you use companies that are registered with and recommended by the airport authority (see relevant airport website), for yours and your vehicle’s safety.

Transfers –  Upon arrival and after clearing immigration and customs, you will be met by a representative who will assist with the transfer to your hotel.  The transfer to Negril takes approx. 90 minutes, following the coast road and through the village of Lucea. The hotel is one of the first resorts as you enter Negril. The hotels in Cancun are all around a 20-minute ride from Cancun International Airport.

For guests booking a specific premium suites you will be met at the airport by a hotel representative for your private transfer.

Check in –  Upon arrival at the hotel, you may be asked for a credit card to guarantee payment for incidentals such as telephone calls, spa treatments etc.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds available to cover these incidentals

Local representation –  If you are included on a Tom’s Trip group, the group hosts will attend to any issues you may encounter at the hotel.  Otherwise, our local representative will assist and contact details will be included with your travel documents.  The local representative is there for emergency help and assistance. If you wish to book local tours, activities or excursions, please see the Concierge in Resort for assistance.

Departure Tax –  For all passengers departing Jamaica, there is a departure tax payable of US$35 or JMD$4600 (approx. £28 per person).  For Mexico the departure tax is approx. 1200 Mexican Pesos (approx. £60 or $80) and is payable in cash only.  Scottish pounds, Irish pounds, travellers’ cheques, credit or debit cards are NOT accepted.  Depending on your airline carrier this tax may be included in your ticket price.  We will advise you if this needs to be paid for locally. These taxes are controlled by the local government and are subject to change without notice.

Health –  We suggest you contact your GP 4 – 6 weeks before travelling if you have any major health concerns. Currently, there are no compulsory vaccinations required for entry into Jamaica or Mexico. The key with health when travelling overseas is to be sensible. We suggest you pack proprietary medicines (headache tablets, plasters, anti-histamines (if required),antiseptic liquid etc) as these items can be expensive overseas.  The Caribbean sun  is extremely strong so start your tan off sensibly with a high factor lotion. Don’t be tempted to try to get as much sun as you can in the first couple of days – you run the high risk of burning! Be aware that if you go out on the water the sun reflects off the sea and the danger of sunburn is even greater.  Remember to cover well the bits that never see the light of day in the UK – especially your willy and nipples! For once the rubbing in of suntan lotion could be quite fun!!

Mosquitos can be a problem so ensure you liberally cover yourself with an insect/mosquito repellent after dark. Keep your room window/patio doors closed at night-time when you have the lights on.  You may consider buying a plug-in mosquito repellent for night time sleeping.

And finally, for yours (and others) sexual health, if you are planning to play, then please play sensibly. No glove, no love – so remember to pack sufficient protection.

Going out and about

Whilst you’re in Jamaica, take time out to get out and about and meet some locals!  The Jamaicans have the most wicked sense of humour and cricket is a real passion – smile, wave and talk – and brush up on the lasts Windies test scores – they’ll love you for it.  Stroll along 7-mile beach and enjoy walking along the water’s edge.

Negril is famous for Rick’s Café. Situated right around the bay, it’s THE place to enjoy thumping reggae music, the most spectacular sunsets and to watch the dare devil cliff -divers. Grab a Red Stripe – but remember you need real money for this trip out!!

At the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula pushing out into the Caribbean Sea, Cancun has long been known for its beautiful beaches, numerous resorts and lively nightlife. Comprised of two distinct districts, the more traditional El Centro and Hotel Zone which has an array of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Should you tire of relaxing, then explore the Mayan culture and perhaps take time to visit Tulum, the site of a Mayan walled city or climb the amazing pyramid at Chichen Itza. Or Try a zip wire ride at the Extreme Adventure Eco Park.  Spanish is the national language of Mexico, but English is widely spoken – but a gracias her and there won’t be out place though!

Overall, the road networks in both destinations are good but public transport or local food vendors might not always meet British health and safety standards. We request that all our suppliers comply with local regulations and laws, but it’s wise to keep this in mind to protect yourself.  Taxis may be metered or not.  If not metered, make sure you agree a price with the driver before departing.

Local laws and customs  – Drugs –  It is possible/probable that you will be offered the opportunity to buy drugs – but be warned: Contrary to popular belief, it’s illegal to smoke marijuana (‘ganja’) in Jamaica. There are penalties for all drug offences, including those involving ganja. Every year, many British nationals are arrested for attempting to traffic ganja and other drugs.  Severe penalties are remain in place for drug related offences, including attempting to export narcotics. All prison sentences are served in Jamaica and prison conditions are harsh.  In April 2015, legislation came into force to decriminalise possession of small amounts of ganja. Possession of up to 2 ounces will continue to be illegal but will be punishable by a fine of JMD500, which is payable within 30 days.

In Mexico, penalties for drug offences are severe – if convicted expect jail sentences of up to 25 years.

Always pack all luggage yourself and don’t carry anything through customs for anyone else.

Time difference –  Jamaica is -6 hours and Mexico -4 hours behind the UK. The reality of this is that you may be tired in the evening for the first few days and wake up very early in the morning – until you get acclimatised. As the hotels are very much a 24 hour resorts, no matter the time of day there will still be something happening somewhere!

Weather  –  You can expect hot sunny days, although like everywhere there will be cloudy days and days interspersed with heavy showers – remember this is just liquid sunshine! The average daytime temperature is 82⁰ F, with the night-time dropping by a few degrees to 72⁰. The crystal blue Caribbean Sea maintains around a balmy 80⁰ year-round.

It’s hot, in more ways than one, and as it’s all inclusive, please take it easy with alcohol. Drink plenty of water, soft drinks and juices, too!

Currency –  The Jamaican dollar is the official currency in Jamaica and the Peso in Mexico. The hotels and most shops and merchants will accept US$.  If you plan to go outside the hotel then it would be sensible to exchange a small amount into local currency. Most shops and local traders will accept US$ but they may give you change in local currency – at an extortionate exchange rate!! Credit cards are widely accepted.

Water –  The water in Jamaica is safe to drink, however, you may wish to purchase bottled water. Bottled water is recommend in Mexico.

Electricity –  Both Jamaica and Mexico uses 110 volts with the two pin US style plugs.  You will need to bring suitable adaptors with you.