Desire Riviera Maya

Free yourself from convention

If all you want to do is kick back, lay in the sun and relax – then look no further. However, there is more to see and do both during the day and night at the Desire Riviera Maya. The Desire Play Makers have put together a programme that appeals to your sensual senses and delivers provocative adult entertainment.

No matter on land, sea or by the pool there is something for everyone to experience.  It’s your holiday so dive into something new. Wake up with a relaxing yoga session, make time for Tequila pool volleyball, venture to the pole dancing lessons or join in afternoon playtime in the Jacuzzi – each day brings new opportunities for you to reconnect with your partner. The famed 4-hour sensual naked Catamaran cruise for just 7 couples will sail away from the Maya.  Food is served, the on-board bar is ready for you to enjoy.  And don’t forget to take advantage of a quick snorkel!

The hotel spa – Exotic, is a pampering oasis where you can experience a full range of both therapeutic and relaxing treatments. With an erotic vibe, the spa provides and ideal blend of relaxation and sensuality. Combining both Asian and Mayan traditions in its use of oils, herbs and essences, Spa Exotic invites you to surrender to sensual sensations.

You can also choose from non-motorised water sports at the beach plus Scuba diving can be arranged (at extra cost).  There is also a fully equipped gym.






After Dark Activities 

After sunset at the Maya the resort comes alive with anticipation of the night ahead.  Each night sees a new theme – all designed to allow you and your partner to explore your fantasies and perhaps the fantasies of others. After enjoying dinner, the bars are open for you to mix and mingle and enjoy a post dinner drink. Each evenings entertainment is a specially designed combination of hot & spicy, sexy & sensual. What more do you need?

From 10pm the Y night club opens its doors ready to host an evening of throbbing passion. Work those sexy costumes on the dancefloor – the ideal place for abandoned expression.

Monday – Masters & Mistresses. Surrender to your partner in a way that you have always desired but maybe too shy to try. A journey in to that forbidden but all so tempting place. Dress code: Latex & Leather

Tuesday – Red Carpet Affair. Discover your inner celebrity and strut your stuff on the Red Carpet. Be a star for a night. Dress code: Famous Movies Stars or Couples

Wednesday – Let it glow. Bright white or naughty neon. Create that special look which reflects your inner glow – but on the outside! Dress code: Anything that glows

Thursday – Gods & Goddesses.  Lust and love – to of the most powerful human emotions. Venus, Aphrodite, Athena meet Adonis, Eros or Apollo – who will you be tonight? Dress code: Mythological God & Goddesses

Friday – Latin Fever. Close your eyes, imagine the taste or rum on your lips, the fragrant aroma of cigar smoke, the rhythmic Latin beat  – immediately you are transported to the land of salsa. Tonight is Latin Fever so be prepared to party.  Dress code: Tropical vibe, Fedoras, Colourful shirts 

Saturday – Desireland. An evening of erotic fun and, of course, desire. Burlesque is the name of the game so sexy, killer heels, corsets, fishnets – it’s time to tease. Dress code: Corsets, sexy nipple covers, Burlesque clothing

Sunday – Mysterious Masquerade. A night of sinfully sweet mystery and discovery. Who is behind the mask.  Only time will tell.  Dress code: Women: Masks & Lingerie.  Men: Masks and cloaks.

If this all gets too much, make your way to the Sin Playroom where the wildest action takes place.